MU Legend enters global open beta this summer

MU Legend soundtrack

Webzen has just announced that the global version of MU Legend is going to enter open beta this summer. That is the extent of the reveal as the studio didn't want to share a specific date for now, as the last remaining months of development will focus on fine-tuning the new features that are coming with the open beta, such as the trading NPC, the 3v3 PvP mode and more. MU Legend will most likely launch with four classes – Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage – with the fifth class (Emphasizer) and the sixth class coming sometime later down the line.

MU Legend comes with six languages, a first for the MU series: English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese.

Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, commented: “As the Korean version has just officially launched, we are so happy to be bringing this news to the global audience.” He continued: “Our teams have poured years of hard work into MU Legend, and it's such a major milestone for everybody to finally reach OBT. The wait also ends for players who have shown their dedication right from the initial announcement and all the way through the different closed beta phases. The enthusiasm from the community is something we love to see!”

The Korean version of MU Legend entered open beta on March 23. For updates, you can check the official MU Legend website or, of course,


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