MU Legend’s global open beta is now live, no more wipes

MU Legend's global open beta

It was about a year ago that the global version of MU Legend entered its first closed beta. Now, it's time to step into MU Legend's global open beta.

The open beta is the final stage before the official launch, but you can rest assured that your progress (characters, purchases and so on) will be saved for the release. No more wipes are going to happen from now on.

Webzen says that the team is already planning updates and extensions to be released on a regular basis, including a 3v3 combat feature planned to arrive before the end of 2017. Soon after that players will get territory wars.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, said: “Launching a game is always a high-stakes moment to live through, where hundreds of emotions collide. Here, in the ‘OBT backstage', I am witnessing – let me put it like this – ‘an exotic diversity of exhilarated states of mind ‘: The chills of enthusiasm are making hairs stand on end, adding a frenetic edge to the usual finger-tapping rhythm – still not missing a beat – and hearts are hammering faster than usual. Now, the fun starts for the fans, and our attention is focused entirely on making their game experience the most unforgettable yet. We're excited for players to experience first-hand the passion that we've put into MU Legend and look forward to seeing them all in-game.”

You can play MU Legend by going to the official website.

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