MU Legend plans on English for closed beta, more languages later

MU Legend open beta

The MU Legend global closed beta begins October 25 and Webzen is hard at work to make sure that everything is ready for the first players. The latest dev blog reveals just how the studio plans on having an English version ready, something that is a huge task considering that the text in MU Legend is roughly the equivalent of the first four Harry Potter books combined. Quite impressive, we would say.

NPCs also get a lot of time and attention, with the voice overs being recorded by 30 different actors. For this first beta, only the intro videos will feature voice overs.

For the second global beta, planned for early 2017, the team wants to expand localization to other languages as to open this ambitious action RPG to wider audiences. The plan is to translate the game to Brazilian Portuguese, Latin-American Spanish, Polish, French and German. What this means – and in another funny comparison with a successful book series – is that the localized versions will amount to more text than what we should get on the complete A Song of Ice and Fire saga, if you know your Game of Thrones.

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