MU Legend reminds you the global open beta is about to begin

MU Legend open beta test

In case you completely forgot about it, Webzen is here to remind you that the MU Legend open beta test is going to start on November 7, 2017.

Those who already have downloaded the client – from the stress test, for example – will only need to download a patch. As for the rest of you, the latest MU Legend client is available for download at the official website. As usual, there will be no more wipes when the open beta begins, so you can get going and creating your tough-as-nails characters.

The MU Legend team at WEBZEN Dublin said: “Our players are the most supportive fans ever! Even when we were facing the pre-production hazards experienced by almost every game, our fans expressed their unbreakable encouragement in thousands of ways! We're truly blown away by the support we've been receiving on our social media pages. Seeing the hundreds of positive emojis really puts smiles on our faces every day.”

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