MU Legend server merge is happening in November

MU Legend server merge

When you read the words ‘server' and ‘merge' together, this usually isn't a great sign. But Webzen has just announced a MU Legend server merge for November 6, 2018, probably due to the need to get players together and keep the community somewhat alive.

Both the US and EU servers will be merged into one single server per region. This means that in the US, Targash will be merged with Sezak, and the only server will be called Sezak; In Europe, Cara and Zephiros will fuse to become Zephiros. The SEA region remains unaffected as there is only one server right now.

The server merge is going to affect some features, so be prepared to see a reset or two with the move. For example, only one account storage will remain (the one with the most recent login), all guild rankings will be reset, faction war progress and arena ranking will be reset. You do get to keep your characters, items and experience, so I guess that is a good thing. This page should give you all the info that you need.

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