Spellbinder class comes to MU Legend on March 20

MU Legend spellbinder release

Webzen has revealed the definitive date for the launch of the Spellbinder class on MU Legend, after a first “it's coming in March” announcement.

The Spellbinder is the fifth class coming to MU Legend and is a support mage that is fairly versatile. You can play with her – that's a manner of speaking – starting March 20, with a series of events to celebrate the release. This class is the highlight of the update, but with it also comes the brand new dungeon Lupa's Ancient Library for high-level characters. New daily missions for the Room of Duty will make an appearance, and the achievement grade will be raised, with potential rewards such as Traces of Destruction, Hero Tokens, Trophies and Magic Gems. New crafting recipes will be introduced. Faction War will get the Season Mission system, adding to the competitive nature of guild-versus-guild play.

MU Legend is going to officially release later this year.

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