Multiplayer first-person shooter Deceit is going free-to-play

Deceit is going free-to-play

Deceit is a pretty decent multiplayer first-person shooter that was released in March 2017 and while it wasn't a huge success, it's not too shabby either. Instead of just letting it die a slowly, painful death, developer Automaton has preferred to make a switch to free-to-play. In October 13, you will be able to download and play this shooter for free.

Everyone who chooses to purchase Deceit or already did so before the shift to free-to-play will get a bunch of goodies: four cosmetic items, a 3 day experience booster and 10 loot booth tokens.

The shot below shows some of these items: An ‘innocent’ shirt, an ‘infected’ shirt, a new look for the pistol and a terror jawbone melee weapon.

Deceit is going free-to-play

Automaton is not only working on expanding Deceit for the free-to-play release, but also developing an open world MMO tactical shooter which sounds pretty big. The team secured a $10m investment for this game and promises things such as 1,000 concurrent players in a detailed shared world, and a last-man standing Player vs Player arena combat mode, with up to 400 players, among other things. Sounds like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is getting some more competition during 2018.

Here's a Deceit trailer to get you in the mood of this almost free-to-play shooter. Save the Steam page for later.


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