Master X Master’s new spotlight is Nanurunerk, straight from Aion


Master X Master‘s new spotlight is on Nanurunerk, the weird mole-cat-like creature originally seen in NCSoft's Aion. It's funny to see what is basically a merchant in such an action-based game as MXM, but Nanurunerk is a great support. He has a kit with offensive and defensive skills, and he is capable of providing allies with bundles, but beware as these can also be picked up by enemy masters.

Nanurunerk is a fun little chap with quite a few tricks up his sleeve. You can learn all about him here or by watching the Master spotlight video below.

In case you're still on the fence about trying Master X Master, you should know that it ranked really high in our new Top 10 Free Online Games to Play in 2017.


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