Naruto Online adds new chapter, runs several ninja events

The only official Naruto MMORPG Naruto Online just added a new chapter and is running a few events starting today, November 3, thanks to player feedback. The chapter adds more main plot instances and raises the level cap to 85, from the previous 80.

As for events, there are plenty of them. With Ninja Test, a permanent event, players of at least level 35 have to prove their knowledge on Naruto by answering 10 questions in 30 seconds. Lucky Board is a game event where you can try your luck by throwing the dice to see what rewards you can get – this event ends on November 9. Mystery Fruits asks players of level 11 minimum to plant fruits and get rewards when they are ripe – it also ends November 9.

There are a few more events for you to participate, one of them involving balloons and your Shuriken-throwing skills.

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