NCsoft cancels Project HON, Transformers and Exteel fans cry

NCsoft has just canceled Project HON, the Unreal Engine 4-powered mech combat game that was looking like it could be something special, judging by the first couple of trailers. Fast, powerful and beautiful, it was shaping up to be the dream cross between Transformers and the sadly long gone game Exteel, curiously also from NCsoft.

The reasoning behind this cancellation is somewhere along the lines of Project HON not being suited to the current gaming market in South Korea, so the studio decided to focus on Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance and the MOBA game Master X Master. However, the fact that three elements in the Project HON team were caught in an embezzlement scandal (pocketing thousands of dollars that should have been used in the development of the game) also didn't help.

Project HON surely had a lot of potential and we believe there's no short amount of players wanting a great mech combat game, also judging by the bitterness surrounding Exteel when it was shut down. Oh well, I guess we'll finally have Blade and Soul in North America… or maybe not.



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  • serqwer3453

    Lol why did you even bother mentioning blade and soul? it’s a game nobody gives a slight fuck about anymore, the hype train is long gone mate.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    well , if these cunts coudnt handle this GREAT project , sell the rights TO ANOTHER COMPANY!

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  • ShadowFang

    Damn. Lets make no mistake here – NCSoft can cite how it “doesn’t fit into the market” all they want. But it’s because of those embezzling d-bags that this thing fell apart.

    That’s the no.1 worst reason for a game to tank. Especially a gorgeous, promising one like HON here. :'(

    I don’t want to play Mechwarrior Online – where do I turn to now? hmmm… maybe I should check back in with Heavy Gear Assault? Mech fans have so few options right now.

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    • Nothing on the horizon, I guess. There’s Hawken, though, not a bad one.

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    • trilient

      Exteel, while it wasn’t the greatest, is a game that I greatly miss for this reason. It was one of the best mecha games available in a small pool of mecha games.

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  • Gameking GK

    they should have brought this instead of wild star /bsn

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