Neowiz reveals the first Bless Online Rebuild video [updated]

Bless online rebuild

Update: The English video of the Bless Online Rebuild project was released, watch it below.

Original story:

If you've been following all the developments of the scary movie that Bless Online has turned into, you surely know about the Bless Online Rebuild project. Announced over a month ago, this project enthralls a massive rework of several foundations from Bless Online. A daunting task, but one that Neowiz felt obliged to do, as the game wasn't fulfilling its potential in the state it was released. The Rebuild project is currently running on the Korean test server and some changes are already visible.

Neowiz has released the first video showing some of its progress. While it's all in Korean, you can see the changes made to categories such as character development, combat, character customization, crafting, user interface and more.

After all the drama surrounding the canceled Aeria Games deal to bring Bless Online to the west, Neowiz still hasn't lost hope of bringing this MMORPG to North America and Europe. They could be looking for a new publisher as we speak.

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