Neowiz Bless Studio merges with Neowiz, business as usual

Neowiz Bless Studio merge

And now, one of the most redundant news ever for the average player. Neowiz Bless Studio, maker of Bless Online, is going to merge with its parent company Neowiz on June 19, 2019 (thanks MMOCulture).

All in the family, then. Neowiz Bless Studio used to encompass over 200 employees, but Bless Online failed to live up to expectations and its future is uncertain. The merge is done with the aim to “enhance management efficiency.”

On the bright side, Bless Unleashed is under development at Round 8 Studio for a 2019 release on Xbox One (a PlayStation 4 version is also rumored). Round 8 Studio is an internal Neowiz Bless Studio and is developing Bless Unleashed for Bandai Namco.


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