NetEase reveals more juicy details on Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal info

After the surprising Diablo Immortal reveal and the incredible backlash that ensued – we understand it but maybe let's calm down a bit -, NetEase has revealed some new details on this new Diablo mobile game.

As you surely remember, Blizzard is co-developing Diablo Immortal with Chinese studio NetEase, but until now we didn't know exactly how the development was split. Now, NetEase was released a lot of new info and cleared up some of our questions (thanks MMOCulture).

Probably the most interesting detail is the game engine, which is NetEase's in-house Messiah game engine. Development on this engine started in 2010 and was first used for a game released in 2013, being also utilized for NetEase's Battle Royale Knives Out and other Chinese MMORPG games.

In case you are interested in playing Diablo Immortal but would prefer to do it via PC emulators (maybe via Bluestacks?), then I have great news: NetEase said that it has no issues with that. Sounds logical, as more players will translate into more revenue. As for the business model, it still isn't decided if Diablo Immortal is going to be free-to-play or buy-to-play. Another item concerns the Android and iOS servers, which could be shared or not, this is yet to be finalized.

Finally, NetEase says that Diablo Immortal will not be as dark as the PC game (not sure if they mean the series or Diablo III in particular). By dark I'm assuming they mean gloomy, not in-game brightness, but this wasn't exactly made clear.

All this leads me to believe that NetEase is handling the largest chunk of Diablo Immortal's development, considering that the game is built on their proprietary engine.

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