NetEase reveals Project: Ragnarok MMORPG with promising cinematic

Project: Ragnarok MMORPG

If we were to judge a game by its footage, there would be many player outcries. Many years of deceptive “gameplay” trailers led us to doubt whatever comes our way, and NetEase's Project: Ragnarok MMORPG is one of the latest that deserves our eyebrow-raising. However, the promises of an ambitious cross-platform game set in an open world inspired by Nordic mythology grabbed our attention.

NetEase isn't entirely clear on what platforms the Project: Ragnarok MMORPG, or The Ragnarok as it was also called is targeting. In all likelihood, it will be a game for PC and mobile devices, but console versions may also be in the cards.

Project: Ragnarok NetEase

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The cinematic trailer that was released alongside the announcement shows a couple of characters displaying their impressive movement and flying skills. While there's a warning saying “demo graphic only, not the final product,” creating a cinematic trailer that could easily pass as gameplay feels like a cheap move. This is neither a story trailer or a gameplay video, just some weird footage that feels more like a vision or plan for the game.

There's no doubt that PC or consoles could deliver a game that looked like that, but mobile is surely going to require some downgrading. Besides, the elf's movements scream pre-rendered and not natural at all. We'll have to wait for the first real gameplay footage to see if we're being unfair or not.

Here is what the Project: Ragnarök description says:

“The Ragnarök is a cross-platform high quality game that offers a free interactive dynamic open world based on Nordic mythology. In this elaborately depicted world, the natural scenery is changing dynamically as light and shadow move, the mythical deities are transformed into dragon flying across the sky. Mysteries of this world are awaiting.”

Ragnarok is a fairly common name that has been used before in videogames, as Ragnarok Online fans surely know. So, unless there is a name change in the works, there could be some marketing issues coming its way. But if NetEase's game delivers the kind of unmistakable quality that is beyond confusion, that won't be a problem at all.

There is no Project: Ragnarök release date so far, not even a beta timeframe. The official website is live. Stay tuned for updates.


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