Stranger than fiction: NetEase is going to sue Battle Royale copycats

rules of survival Battle Royale copycats

Life truly is stranger than fiction. In a surprising twist, Chinese giant NetEase has revealed that it is going to begin suing studios that have copied “creative features” from their Battle Royale games Rules of Survival and Knives Out. If you can't recall, PUBG Corp, makers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, recently revealed their lawsuit against NetEase, precisely for allegedly copying features for Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

According to MMOCulture, NetEase has discovered that other developers, including well-known companies, started to copying the features they created for Rules of Survival and Knives Out. The statement says that these copied features provide a bad user experience and also cause damage to the “originality market.”

As if the words “originality” and “Battle Royale” could be used in the same sentence…

Anyway, let's proceed. NetEase also claims that the studio was “deliberately smeared” by these copycats (which apparently remain unnamed for now), and that they will use all the legal means at their disposal to protect the “original ideas” and IP rights of Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

I wish I was joking, but the Battle Royale lawsuits are happening left and right, and I bet that more will come soon. What's next, someone suing other companies over the rights for third-person horror games or something?

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