Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy just launched on Xbox One and PS4

Less than two months after the PC release, Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy has just launched today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Cloaked Ascendancy, a group of four mages, has just attacked the city of Neverwinter and they seek to claim the throne from Lord Neverember.

Here are the main features of this expansion:

∙ New Adventure Zone: Following its recent reclamation, the River District becomes home to the Cloaked Ascendancy, with various areas reflecting the mage occupying them.
∙ New Campaign: Reclaim the River District from the Cloaked Ascendancy one quest at a time to help return it to the bustling economic center it was before the eruption of Mt. Hotenow.
∙ Spellplague Caverns Dungeon: The Cloaked Ascendancy culminates in a return to an original Neverwinter location for a master dungeon where players will face off with members of the Cloaked Ascendancy. Both the new master and returning levelling versions of the dungeon yield new loot.
∙ New Skirmish: “The Illusionist’s Gambit” offers a dynamic challenge for both max and low-level adventurers. Enemies, settings and challenges will shift randomly each round, creating new experiences every playthrough.
∙ New Artifact Weapons: Players can earn four new weapon sets harnessing the power of the Cloaked Ascendancy mages. Harness the power of the Far Realm with the Mirage, Fey, Lifeforged and Aboleth weapons.


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