Neverwinter goes meta with dungeon master Portobello DaVinci’s campaign

A new, super-meta event is coming to Neverwinter PC on March 31, 2016 – the Portobello’s Campaign. Portobello DaVinci now joins Respen Durothil with his own “marvelous” game in Neverwinter’s newest event, joining tabletop and digital gaming in a single piece. Players will meet new characters such as Flabbergast and his cat, Mr Snibbly, as well as two gargoyles, and judging by the trailer below, some intentionally bad voice acting and humor.

Rewards for those who persevere in the month-long Portobello’s Campaign include a new artifact item and companion, including the Apocalypse Dagger artifact and Staldorf modeled after the items from the live game.

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