Neverwinter: Ravenloft takes players to horrific and gothic Barovia

Neverwinter: Ravenloft

Neverwinter is going full horror gothic? Color me interested! The next expansion for the D&D game, Ravenloft, is taking a detour to the not so bucolic sights of Barovia. The 14th module launches for the PC on June 26 and at a later date on consoles.

Neverwinter: Ravenloft brings a new campaign, the Adventure Zone of Barovia, Tarokka Card Readings by Madame Eva, Heroic Encounters, Endgame Dungeon (Castle Ravenloft), meaningful day-to-night transitions which should have an impact on gameplay (you know, vampires and such) and more. This expansion culminates in a journey into the spooky Castle Ravenloft itself, and the mighty vampire Strahd von Zarovich will be your greatest enemy.

More info should be released soon, as well as an actual trailer – what you see below is a nice, atmospheric teaser but nothing more than that.

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