Neverwinter’s sixth expansion brings Baldur’s Gate’s duo Minsc and Boo

Elemental Evil is the name of the sixth Neverwinter expansion and is scheduled to launch for PC on March 17. It will bring the new Paladin playable class, increasing the count to eight. The expansion will also increase the level cap to 70, bringing a new set of quests.

But the most exciting feature of Elemental Evil for veteran players is the return of Minsc & Boo, the ranger and ‘miniature giant space hamster' from the Baldur’s Gate series. One of the most popular videogame duos, they will assist players on their journey to discover the true nature of the Elemental Evil cults.

Minsc isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and thinks that his hamster, Boo, is some sort of mean killing machine. Hilarious dialogue ensued in the classic Baldur's Gate games and we truly missed this kind of character development and humor. Hopefully the duo will return in Neverwinter in top shape.


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