New Age of Wushu 2 details: combat is realistic, NPCs are clever

While Snail Games still hasn't revealed a trailer or even a single image of Age of Wushu, the Chinese studio is promising quite an ambitious game – here is some new info (thanks 2P).

Age of Wushu 2 is going to be a sandbox game and it should incude some survival elements related to weather conditions, as well as intelligent NPC behavior and a realistic combat system that is based on visual hints and not on the usual interface tips.

Snail Game says that NPCs will have advanced behaviors and are capable of making alliances with other NPCs, participating in many events and affecting the world. All in all, the NPCs should interact with players and the world in a less linear way than usual.

As for combat, the studio claims that no health bars or stats will be there to guide players, no icons will let them know about buffs or whatever. Instead, all these things should be interpreted in a physical way, with your character realistically showing all these effects. We're very curious to see how this will turn out, hoping that it won't end up as another EverQuest Next.

The Chinese Age of Wushu 2 website is live and the release is scheduled for 2017. A worldwide launch is almost certain but Snail Games didn't confirm the business model yet – it will be “different from the first game”, whatever this could truly mean.

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