New Albion Online video talks evolution of classless combat

Sandbox Interactive has released a new Albion Online video in anticipation of the closed beta, which begins November 23. While the previous video focused on Laborers, this time it's the classless combat that takes the spotlight.

The classless combat system is one of the unique features of Albion Online, where the role each character plays is determined by the items they wear. Players can choose the materials of the armor, for example (leather, cloth or plate) as well as the weight (light, medium or heavy) that goes with each kind. A light armor offers enhanced abilities but less in the way of protection, so this could be good for players who like the assassin style. Heavier armor is great for a more defensive, tank-style character.

Weapons have also been modified to have unique characteristics complementing certain play styles, so you'll have to do a bit of mix-and-match to create the perfect warrior for each encounter.


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