New ArcheAge update 3.0 trailer shows new races and dancing

gamigo makes Trion Worlds acquisition official

We've talked quite a bit already about the ArcheAge update 3.0 which is coming to the South Korean version first, probably during July. We know it as Orchidna’s Hatred but we're still not sure if that's the actual name for the western release – Trion Worlds will have the final say. Now, a new gameplay trailer shows the two new races, The Warborn and The Dwarven in nice detail, including some cool dance moves and a few different customization options.

The Warborn are clearly a badass, threatening race prone for combat, with an ability that turns a character into a huge demon, while the Dwarves are smaller and cute, but surely capable of taking care of themselves – they can summon a mecha, so we would say they're not afraid of a little skirmish.

Apart from the races, the new trailer also takes us through some new areas which look fairly good.

If you still haven't tried ArcheAge, then we recommend you give it a try – it's free and despite a few bugs and issues (as with nearly every MMORPG ever created), it's one of the best sandbox MMO games out there.

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