New Black Desert trailer shows new gameplay features, cow milking

After the amazing character creation and breathtaking action combat, Pearl Abyss continues to tease us with more and more video content on the highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert. This time it's a trailer showcasing some of the new gameplay features that will be available in the second Korean closed beta that begins on April 22.

Some of the features shown include a few mini-games for taming wild horses and even milking a cow. Yes, you can milk cows in this MMO, this just proves how in-depth Black Desert is! Then there's also crafting, alchemy, goods transportation, setting up a stall, a tent and even a tower.

Black Desert is looking more and more promising but so far it is only signed to South Korea, Japan and Russia. There's a Black Desert English client in development but Pearl Abyss will search for a Western publisher only after this beta is over.

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