New Blade and Soul class reveal shows an electrifying mage

New Blade and Soul class

NCsoft has revealed a new Blade and Soul class with an electrifying trailer. Literally, because there are sparks flying all over the place and a hard-hitting rock music to go with the measly 30 seconds of CGI. It's business as usual, as players are treated to a cryptic teaser trailer before the grand reveal, which should happen in a few weeks.

Unlike other Blade and Soul classes which are fairly easy to interpret, it's not easy to guess who this new character is. The original name “천도사” translates to something close to “Cheondosa” which I'm sure you'll agree sounds more like a shady Russian brand of cheese. We'll have to wait for an official translation from the western NCsoft branch.

As for the role that this class plays, it looks like some sort of mage with some electric AoE attacks. Probably a support class, but we can only speculate on what is coming.

The Korean release of this new Blade and Soul class is probably going to happen sometime before or during summer 2020. As always, western players can expect it roughly six months later.

On a related note, NCsoft just revealed the first in-game footage from Blade and Soul Complete, the Unreal Engine 4 remake that many players are salivating for. If you want to see how the classes, races, and combat look in the visual revamp, head over here to see the trailers.

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