New Bless Online NA/EU interview is light on details, first beta in 2017

Bless Online western release

It's extremely hard to stumble across some news on Bless Online‘s North American and European versions, so we we're curious when we saw that MMOExaminer had an exclusive interview with Aeria Games talking about this MMORPG. It didn't last long though, as the German studio didn't shed any light on the development of the game, instead threading old ground by mentioning “performance optimization” and “a revamp of the combat system”, although followed with a “subtle” that makes us wonder just how much work is going into that after all: “from performance optimization to a revamp of the combat system, those changes are subtle but will enhance gameplay as a whole.”

The rest of the interview mentions the plan of adding Spanish, French, and German voice acting besides the mandatory English, and the monetization that is supported by “pure convenience or vanity items” – you know the talk by now, but let's hope it's actually true.

The interview has a few more tidbits of info that are pretty vague, and one of them somewhat contradictory: “…the content found in the Western version will be very close to that of the Korean version…” followed by “The content of the Western version will be even more advanced than what you can see in the current Korean version!” in the next question.

It all ends with the statement that the first beta test for Bless Online is expected for sometime in 2017, so we would bet that it's somewhere closer to fall, but let's hope it's sooner than that.

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