New Bless Online update talks combat and performance improvements

Bless Online western release

Aproximately two months after the last Bless Online update, Aeria Games has returned to tell western players what is going on with the development of the North American and European versions. Carsomyr, Product Manager at Aeria Games, has explained that the game is being improved by developer Neowiz, particularly around performance improvements and combat system improvements.

The game performance is being improved with the large scale content in mind – things such as Siege of Castra and Raid. Loading times for persistent world content are also being improved for textures and monsters to be loaded more quickly and provide a more seamless experience.

The combat system, one of the more criticized aspects of Bless Online, is going through a significant revamp for a while now. One of the mechanics deserving of attention is the targeting system, with the sensitivity of auto targeting being adjusted and a lock-on feature in the works. The combat-related user interface is getting some love. with additional divisions for damage and heal marks, but more combat improvements are planned.

The last part of the post mentions a few quality of life improvements such as a better tutorial, more convenient chat UI and improvements to the world map.

It looks like Aeria Games isn't happy with just making a straight port of Bless Online for western territories, so we have to give them some praise for the effort. Bless: Embers in the Storm, as it's also known, will release during 2017.

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