New Blue Protocol gameplay revealed during latest dev stream

Blue Protocol gameplay

Following the release of the second and stunning trailer, Bandai Namco promised a new Blue Protocol stream during the last few days and today it has delivered in spades. It's over one hour of discussing various aspects of the game, from the character creation to the open world and more. But what interests us the most is the new Blue Protocol gameplay revealed during this stream.

As you surely know by now, Blue Protocol is a spectacular anime MMORPG with vivid colors and cute characters. As always, your first step should be the character creation, something that you can check at 16:40 in the stream below. The Blue Protocol character creation footage shows possibilities such as gender, height, hair styles and color, and a few more options. There are templates to choose from if you can't be bothered, and overall it's a fairly straight to the point creator that doesn't hold a candle to what you can do in games such as Black Desert Online or even the mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

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Skipping to 35:40, you'll enter a cutscene where your character is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of what is likely to be a key NPC, who is being followed by a monster. The lovely animation is interrupted as you take control and fight the creature. This is probably a combat tutorial, and when the beast is down, another cutscene follows.

Moving on to 43:13, it's time to visit a big city and discover its lively NPCs. Blue Protocol graphics are truly wonderful, and this is only confirmed by the trip to a wonderful beach, and the day and night cycle that completely change the sights.

In development for PC, the Blue Protocol release date is yet to be revealed.  Bandai Namco is going to run a closed beta by late March 2020, once again for Japan only. However, you may want to know how to sign up for the Blue Protocol closed beta, so we've got you covered.

A Blue Protocol English release is in the cards, since Bandai Namco recently posted a job offer asking for a localization director with English skills. Just don't hold your breath, because 2021 is a long way off.

Watch the lovely Blue Protocol gameplay below.


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