New free Epic Games Store titles are Metro 2033 Redux and Everything

Metro 2033 Redux free

If you're looking for a couple more free games, then we've got you covered. Although it's doubtful that you have already completed the six free Batman games from last week, no one will stop you from getting the new free games available at the Epic Games Store, Metro 2033 Redux and Everything. You can grab the games for free until October 3, 2019.

Metro 2033 Redux is the post-apocalyptic shooter from the renowned series, created by some developers who have worked on the STALKER games. It's a game that you shouldn't miss, with a great story and atmosphere.

Everything is a casual game that is great to kill some time. In this game you can control literally everything within the game world, something that is interesting for the three or so hours that it will take you to finish.

The next free Epic Games Store title is Minit, a peculiar indie adventure.


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