New Genshin Impact gameplay trailer stars Japanese voice actors

new Genshin Impact gameplay

The assertive outrider Amber is back with a new Genshin Impact gameplay trailer where she introduces us to various voice actors for the Japanese version.

The main playable characters and NPCs will be voiced, with your guide Paimon being one of the stars in Genshin Impact. We've already discussed some of the Japanese voice actors before, with Amber taking credit as one of the most important characters in the game.

The new Genshin Impact gameplay video shows the voice actors along with some previously unseen cutscenes and combat sequences. The game remains as impressive visually as ever, with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comparisons still being valid, but Genshin Impact has this pronounced anime style and amazinc character design that differentiates it from Nintendo's masterpiece.

Genshin Impact is in development for PC, PS4, Android, and iOS with a release date set for 2020. The second closed beta is coming and miHoYo is urging players to complete the survey for a chance to get a beta key.


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