New Gunbound closed beta test goes live in SEA countries

New Gunbound closed beta

Do you happen to know a little game called Gunbound? It was one of those simple but fun titles from the dawn of free-to-play games as we know them, released in April 2003 worldwide. Perhaps you know it more as a clone of Team 17's Worms, where players would bomb each other through several means, all under a cute and colorful cartoon guise. A sequel is finally coming, and the New Gunbound closed beta test is live at the time of writing in Southeast Asia.

The New Gunbound closed beta is a short one, running from January 15, 2020 through January 22, 2020, and there is going to be a wipe when it concludes. If you managed to pre-register with a phone number from the selected SEA regions, you can download the game from the Play Store, App Store, or download the New Gunbound apk as an alternative way to join the beta.

In New Gunbound, you fight other players with the help of your vehicle called mobile. It's a side-scrolling game developed by Softnyx and published by Electronics Extreme in SEA countries, but there are no plans for a global release as of yet. Planned as a PC and mobile cross-platform game, it was announced in May 2019.

Watch some New Gunbound gameplay below and cross your fingers for a western release if you want to scratch that Worms itch.

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