New Gunbound opens pre-registrations for Southeast Asia

New Gunbound

Put your hands up if you remember a little online game called Gunbound. Released in 2003 by Softnyx, it was obviously inspired by Team 17's classic game Worms, the first of the series having launched in 1995.

Worms, truth be told, was heavily inspired – we are using the word “inspired” in a very loose manner – by Scorched Earth, a game where tanks were going at it in a two-dimensional destructible terrain.

That is the end of our history lesson. New Gunbound is a PC and mobile cross-platform game that we have recently discussed. Pre-registrations for this game are now open at the official site, and PC players are allowed – encouraged, in fact – to download the APK and test the Android version. This test is aimed at players in Southeast Asia, but if you think that you can easily gain access, you should think twice – registration requires a working phone number from Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia or any other of the ten accepted countries.

New Gunbound looks cute and colorful, but the gameplay seems to be exactly what you would expect from a game inspired by Worms. If that's a good or bad thing in 2019, it's up to each one of you to decide.


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