Gunbound is getting a cross-platform sequel called New Gunbound

New Gunbound sequel

Gunbound was one of the first proper free-to-play MMOs and enjoyed quite a bit of success during its prime years. Originally developed by Softnyx and released in 2002 in South Korea, Gunbound is an unashamed and fun clone of Worms.

Several years later and Softnyx has now announced that a sequel is in development in a partnership with Rocket Punch Games (thanks MMOCulture). New Gunbound is an official sequel and is being published during Q3 2019 in several Southeast Asia countries including Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

New Gunbound is a PC and mobile cross-platform game that adds a real-time feature, but you can still resort to the turn-based mode if you so wish. While PvP is a crucial part of the game, PvE modes such as Adventure Mode and Boss Mode will be included.

Sadly, there isn't a single screenshot or gameplay video of New Gunbound, but we'll keep an eye out for this game.

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