New KurtzPel karma Lime Serenity revealed with launch date in short teaser

KurtzPel karma Lime Serenity

After yesterday's teaser that pretty much revealed everything about the new KurtzPel karma Lime Serenity, KOG just released a new video teaser confirming our predictions.

Lime Serenity comes straight from KOG's game Grand Chase, once again showing that KurtzPel has some unwavering ties to that fighting game. Lime is coming to KurtzPel on October 10, 2019, being the sixth Karma that players can choose.

The Sacred Guardian karma is a giant hammer, following on the latest karma, Dual Soul, launched last July. KurtzPel released with the following karmas: Diabolic Witch, Dance of Wind, Blazing Fist, and Sword Taliah.

Meet the KurtzPel karma Lime Serenity and her Sacred Guardian hammer karma in the teaser below.

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