New League of Maidens PC gameplay shows combat and more

League of Maidens PC gameplay

You know what that “more” is, right? The new League of Maidens PC gameplay shows this bold shooter in its full glory. This is a great showcase for the game's action mechanics, portraying combat in the city and desert environments. And not a single word uttered about the additional things that this action game brings.

So, what is League of Maidens all about besides what is right in front of your eyes? This is an action romp where you can fight other players in MOBA fashion, but it also brings a mission mode to take you through the motions. In the latter, you can even expect boss battles, with the video showing a confrontation with a massive mech.

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In the past, we've described League of Maidens as a superhero game, mainly because you have these amazing powers at your disposal. Obviously, flying is one of them, and fighting up in the skies, crashing down onto the ground at top speed, and facing titans the size of buildings.

The incredibly detailed character creation system and the Pose3D mode are going to be two of the highlights of League of Maidens. Creating and customizing a stunning avatar and then posing it for 4K photos filled with tons of visual effects is something that many players are eagerly waiting for. Even during the alpha stage, there are several pictures being shared on Twitter, showcasing the quality of the character customization.

The League of Maidens PC exclusivity makes sense from the point of view of a small studio trying to make its breakthrough hit. If that happens, the three-man team at Maiden Gaming may eventually decide to make the jump to consoles. But no mobile version though.

This may have all the makings of a niche game, but the League of Maidens community is already big enough, perhaps more than some said AAA games can claim.

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