New League of Maidens screenshots are a bit over the top

League of Maidens screenshots

A new batch of League of Maidens screenshots was just released. As usual, these are extremely over the top, showcasing the possibilities of the character creation system in ways that are probably a bit too much.

You can check the new League of Maidens screenshots on Steam and wishlist this free-to-play game. Currently in private alpha, the open alpha shouldn't be too far away, so keep your eyes open.

The League of Maidens images below are the ones that you can safely look at. The game looks extremely good, especially if you take your time to create a good-looking avatar with the tools at your disposal. While you can only make female characters, there are various races and dozens of options for you to mix and match.

League of Maidens green wings League of Maidens  5 League of Maidens screenshots 2 League of Maidens image 1 League of Maidens screenshots 3


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