New Lost Ark info discovered, US English folder spotted

Lost Ark closed beta 2

Sometimes, when players search in the client files of a game they discover things that may be in development for an update. That is exactly what happened with Lost Ark, which seems to include some interesting info hidden away in the client (thanks Lost Ark Database).

The most important bit of info for us, English players, is that there's an “English(US)” folder, which is something that points at a very likely western localization. Don't hold your breath though, as this could take at least a couple of years.

There's a full day and night cycle, with daytime, nighttime and sunset included. There's also 1:1 player trading, so you should be able to trade your items with other players. Mounts are confirmed, with some sort of camel or llama in the works. The 4-day closed beta allowed players to explore just a small part of the world map, which you can see (in full?) right below.

As usual, we'll get back to you when we have more Lost Ark info.

lost ark map

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