Watch some new Mad World gameplay taken from the latest alpha test

Mad World gameplay test

The second Mad World alpha test has ended a few days ago and apparently everyone had a blast. Or so it seems, judging by the bliss and joy that the new gameplay video conveys.

The alpha 01 video begins with a bald dude and a cute dog running around. Then you'll get to see some combat, the dialogue system, nice background artwork throughout, but things get nasty. First there's a glimpse of a huge horrid frog, and close to the end you can see a giant skeleton grim reaper-like boss creature that doesn't seem too friendly.

But Mad World is a grim horror MMORPG, so you shouldn't expect beautiful green pastures and butterflies.

Developer Jandisoft recently asked players their opinion on the subject of a crowdfunding campaign to “make Mad World better”. Currently, the votes are leaning to the “yes”. 

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