New Noah’s Heart trailer shows more about characters and the world

New Noah's Heart trailer

Archosaur Games just released a new Noah's Heart trailer, the second one since the game was revealed by late June 2020. Despite being extremely short, we get to take a closer look at some of the adventurers that you get to create and control in this ambitious sci-fi MMORPG. Don't let the fantasy looks fool you; in fact, you'll be exploring a virtual world with your friends, making new acquaintances and going on massive adventures.

In the trailer below you get to see a party of young warriors setting out for grand adventures. Equipping a shield, dual swords, and a crossbow, the team exits the house and confidently gaze into the uncharted territory. A few of them start by chopping down some trees and building a camp, while a girl aims her crossbow at an inattentive goose. Brace yourselves, dinner is coming.

New Noah's Heart trailer MMORPG gameplay

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Created by the makers of the hit mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja, Noah's Heart once again uses the Unreal Engine 4 to deliver fantastic graphics. There's a promise of a vast open world built just like the real thing, with a spherical design meaning that you could start running in a place and eventually go all the way around, making it to the starting point. Probably many hours later, I'm guessing.

There are no classes in Noah's Heart, encouraging you to forge your own path based on your decisions and preferred weaponry. Another feature that deserves a mention is the promise of quests with consequences, taking the story in slightly different directions – many games have promised something like this, but very few have delivered.

Noah's Heart release date is set for 2021, although it's yet to be known if it will be a global release or if the game is coming out in China first. A Chinese closed beta test is going to begin really soon. The English release is confirmed, so you can follow this game closely.

Check the new Noah's Heart trailer below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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