New old-school shooter TOXIKK to launch with free edition

Toxikk is a new first-person shooter that tries to capture the magic of classic games of the late 90's and early 2ks such as Quake and Unreal Tournament, being fast paced and straight to the point. In this shooter there is no levelling, no skill-trees, no perks, no cover systems, no classes, no configurable weapons and no iron sight aiming. It's also not free-to-play… but wait, hear us out!

Toxikk will in fact officially release in September 9, 2016 on Steam alongside with a free edition, which means anyone will be able to play the game. This isn't a simple demo either; it's more akin to the shareware model of old games such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, where you could play most of the game for free and then decide if you wanted to unlock the rest of it. In the case of Toxikk, you won't have access to character customization, the number of maps is limited and the vehicles are available if relevant to the included maps. It's the full core experience, you can play without any kind of disadvantage to players with the full game, and there's no time limit. Sounds good to us. See all the differences between the free edition and the full game.

Developed by Reakktor, an indie studio that made Neocron and Black Prophecy, Toxikk is apparently a real treat for old-school gamers.

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