New Paragon gameplay trailer shows new heroes in action

Epic Games has released a new Paragon trailer and this time the focus is on a few new heroes. Gadget, Feng Mao, the hulking Rampage, and the invisibility-loving Kallari are the ones in this short trailer. It's all about mid-lane push and how some very interesting skills are performed.

Paragon is shaping up to be the next big thing in MOBA games, mixing the stunning Unreal Engine 4 visuals with the unusual third-person perspective that we've barely seen in the genre besides SMITE and the upcoming King of Wushu.

Paragon enters Early Access this spring and the open beta starts during the summer, but Epic Games has been fairly nice with the PC alpha keys, so if you're not playing already you should definitely sign up at the official website. Paragon is in development for PC and PlayStation 4.


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