New Peria Chronicles artwork introduces us to Perry [updated]

Peria Chronicles

Update: The post now includes a description in English talking about humans and Kirana, the creatures that you can collect and use in combat. You can read it at the end of this post.

ThingSoft released two new Peria Chronicles artworks on the official Facebook page, revealing a bit more of the characters that the studio is working on for this anime sandbox MMORPG. This time the focus is on a character that is apparently called Perry and there's even some backstory to him, but our Korean is a bit rusty and we couldn't make much sense of it. He seems to be a mix of human and creature and he has these broken chains on his wrists, as if he's just freed himself.

The other Peria Chronicles artwork also includes Perry albeit in a smaller part, surrounded by a few female characters and the lead girl in the blue and white dress.

Peria Chronicles is still without a single trailer or screenshot for well over a year, something that makes us really sad.

“After the crash of Peria & Araca, humans are now to face an entirely new species called Kirana. Kirana had a force to overwhelm the human being, but in a completely new environment, was long bear do. Human beings did not in any kind of threat to them. But only humans were able to live in Peria. Some of Kirana chose to live in Peria with human together and lend some power to them. Because, they can't live in peria without the human resource, so they contract to some people and request for help to live in peria themselves.  Special Kirana that can become one of the human body, we called ‘patron Kirana'. Patron Kirana is put blowing a force and make fight against Akasha the General Assembly that tries to occupy the Peria. In addition, as a powerful patron technology, it will surely become a shield that will protect firmly than anyone when they are exposed to danger.



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