New SoulWorker character Chii Aruel gets her spotlight video

New SoulWorker character Chii Aruel

Chii Aruel is the seventh character coming to SoulWorker. While we had grown fond of the six heroes from this anime brawler (Haru, Stella, Lily, Iris, Jin and Erwin), for long we hoped for a newcomer to bring something fresh to the team. And she is joining the Korean version on February 27, 2019.

Chii Aruel brings a sword with her for some lightning-fast swipes. For some reason, she seems very fond of her scabbard, but the spotlight video below doesn't really highlight this piece of gear – it's probably just for look and style, without any real effect.

Take a look at Chii Aruel in action below while we wait for Gameforge to spill the beans on her arrival on the North American and European SoulWorker servers.

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