New SoulWorker Online video proves that Haru Estia and tea don’t match

New SoulWorker Online video

Do you know what day is it? It's #WisdomWednesday and Gameforge has released a new SoulWorker Online video, or should we say teaser? Anyway, once again Haru Estia is at the forefront and with a very original and stylish costume.

Some Soulworker costumes also get you unique emotes, as in this case. Haru Estia (the Soulum Sword character of the game) magically summons a tea cup and a teapot and was kind enough to pour us some tea. But apparently she's a bit clumsy and it all ends in a million pieces. Well, it's the thought that counts.

We're hoping that Gameforge opens the official Soulworker Online English site, but so far we had no luck. The good news is that the Soulworker open beta is still on track for late 2017.


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