New Steel Circus champion Galena comes from Mars

New Steel Circus champion Galena

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus… Or is it the other way around? At least, the new Steel Circus champion Galena comes straight from Mars, being the descendant of the first human born in Mars. She will join the roster today, Monday, September 16, with update 0.7.1.

Galena comes from the most powerful Mars family, living a life among the Martian high society. She is used to being in the spotlight and has access to a series of tools and cutting edge tech that she uses to upgrade her suit. This is what gives her a leading edge over some of the competition.

The new Steel Circus champion Galena comes with two skills named Discontinuity and Vortex. The former allows her to shoot a shockwave that will prevent her rivals from using their skills during a short time. The latter creates a circle that sucks her opponents for a few seconds, trapping them in place.

The Steel Circus roadmap details the developer's plans for the rest of the year. October brings a new champion, along with the beta version of Ranked Season and Season Pass. The PC and console launch is planned for 2020.


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