New Tower of Fantasy beta test announced for July

New Tower of Fantasy beta test July 2021

The development of Tower of Fantasy seems to be moving along at a nice pace, and Hotta Studio has announced its next testing phase. The new Tower of Fantasy beta test will start on July 15, 2021, giving players another (or a new) chance to embark into this brave new sci-fi world. The comparisons to Genshin Impact may be aplenty, but this game seems to be carving its own path, especially because it is a fully-fledged MMORPG, unlike miHoYo's hit action RPG.

For this Android test there will be a limited number of available spots, but you won't need an access key. Info on how to join will be revealed soon in the official website.

Tower of Fantasy beta test July 2021

This Tower of Fantasy beta test will bring several improvements, the biggest one being the combat system upgrade. New weapons and a new boss were also introduced. A mimicry system was teased as well, but there's no info for now, we'll have to wait for forthcoming announcements to learn more about it.

The graphical quality was improved, with new environmental details adding to what was already a beautiful game. Leaves, tumbleweed, sand particles, and more contribute to a feeling of a living and bright world. The UI saw a lifting, becoming more high-tech than it was before.

The Tower of Fantasy release date is yet to be announced for China, but a global launch is very likely to happen. Perfect World seems to be putting a lot of effort into this game and a worldwide release is almost certain, unless the game happens to under-perform in China, something that I honestly doubt.


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