New Unreal Tournament pre-alpha trailer is jaw-dropping

Epic Games stopped development on Unreal Tournament

We don't usually use the term jaw-dropping lightly, but when we see something like the new trailer for the upcoming free-to-play FPS Unreal Tournament, we have to say it as it is. This Unreal Tournament gameplay trailer is comprised of footage from the latest map, Outpost 23, and Epic Games wants to use it as the standard visual bar, meaning the studio plans to make the next maps just as beautiful or even more so. This definitely shows just how impressive the Unreal Engine 4 gets, even if we're just talking of the Unreal Tournament pre-alpha. But the best thing in this trailer is that the gameplay seems to be faithful to the legacy of the series, with fast-paced combat where blinking isn't advised.

Epic Games also released a behind the scenes video, talking about the development process and how this game is open to the community in a way that very few AAA games have ever been. This is a project completely open for modders, for players to give feedback through the official forums and the studio is taking an approach that deserves a pat in the back. The pre-alpha is already available for public download on the official website.


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