New WildStar: Reloaded trailer shows some of the features

NCsoft has released a new WildStar: Reloaded trailer highlighting some of the game's features since it went free-to-play on September 29.

The initial focus is on what you can buy and how you can buy it, devoting some time to the omnibits, C.R.E.D.D. and the Cosmic Rewards program, which gives you new loot as you level up – stuff such as pets, mounts, hats and creepy houses where you'll never set foot. The second part of the video mentions the revamped character creation, dungeons, crafting, teleportation, loot, more loot and even more loot!

It's a pretty funny video and WildStar: Reloaded is a pretty good game, so check it out. Both of them.


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