Nexon invests in Tree of Savior developer IMC Games

Nexon, one of the top publishers and developers of online games has just announced a strategic investment in IMC GAMES, most specifically by its subsidiary Nexon Korea. IMC GAMES is mostly known for its latest release, the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior, but the studio also developed Granado Espada and was developing Wolfknights, a game that we haven't heard from in a year and a half.

Nexon is going to work closely with IMC Games to support Tree of Savior and to launch the upcoming Tree of Savior: Mobile Remake globally.

“We’re thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with our talented partner, IMC GAMES,” said Jiwon Park, Chief Executive Officer of Nexon Korea. “We are confident that together we will continue to deliver high-quality games that leverage strength of each company in game development and publishing.”

“We hope this partnership with Nexon will be an opportunity for us to promote the development of the new mobile title,” said Hakkyu Kim, Chief Executive Officer of IMC GAMES. “We look forward to delivering high-quality content through both new and existing titles.”


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