Nexon’s anime MMORPG Spiritwish opens global pre-registrations

Spiritwish MMORPG

Nexon just opened the global pre-registrations for its upcoming MMORPG Spiritwish. You can pre-register for Android and iOS on the official website, until October 29 to earn some rewards: 500 blue diamonds and 100,000 gold. The website is also the place where you get to learn about the story, playable classes, and launch events planned for Spiritwish.

Spiritwish is an anime fantasy MMORPG with a colorful art style that brings back fond memories of Tree of Savior. Not that IMC Games' MMO is dead or anything, quite on the contrary, but Spiritwish definitely uses the same style of rich backgrounds and cute characters, although these seem to be in full 3D, not sprites.

In Spiritwish, you control a party of three heroes at the same time. However, this number goes all the way up to nine in the Onkalo dungeon, which you can see in one of the videos below. The classes on offer are standard fare, with Cleric, Archer, Fire Mage, Lightning Mage, Time Mage, Paladin, Kunoichi, and more.

In a nice twist, some dungeons drop the isometric view in favor of a side-scrolling perspective. It's a complete game changer, or it would be at least, because the sight of that auto-combat button always gives me the chills. 

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