Nexon’s mounted combat MMORPG Project DH is called Dragon Hound

mounted combat MMORPG Dragon Hound

Nexon has just revealed its line-up for the upcoming G-Star 2018 and it comes with a few surprises. One of these is pretty bad: there is no Peria Chronicles in sight… again.

In the middle of around a dozen mobile titles we can spot three PC games: sci-fi MOBA Ascendant One, fantasy MMORPG Astellia and action MMORPG Project DH. Or that game developed by DevCat, makers of Vindictus, where you hunt monsters while riding your mount. So, you're going to be a… monster hunter, then?

Anyway, Project DH now has a name as it was revealed in the cinematic trailer below: Dragon Hound. This Unreal Engine 4 MMOARPG is introduced through a menacing dragon that ends up being captured and dragged with the help of an inventive steampunk vehicle that reminds me of the machines from the upcoming movie Mortal Engines.

We should learn more abour Dragon Hound during G-Star 2018, which begins on November 15. However, we wouldn't expect any talks about a western release, as it is way too soon for Nexon to reveal anything like that.

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